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March 5 2019 - Welcome to The AlphaSearch information and blogs site. We connect you with select shopping sites with blogs and provide news and weather forecast pages. Be sure to check out the weather page if you are looking for weather instruments or weather books. Please look around and enjoy. More information will be provided in this space as time progresses.


March 13 2019 - Boeing 737 Max 8 - There is still much confusion with the general public about what it means when an aircraft stalls, hardly ever explained by the news channels. Stall was an unfortunate choice of words for an engine that suddenly quits, while the aerodynamic stall in aviation means something very different and isn't related to the aircraft engine at all. An aerodynamic stall can best be described as the situation where there is not enough air flowing over the wings to create the amount of lift needed to hold up the airplane. A stall meaning to the general public is more related to automobiles when the engine quits, which should really be called an engine failure.

The 737 Max 8 has a stall avoidance device which will point the nose of the aircraft down if it thinks the nose is pointed too high. This system is disconnected when the aircraft flaps are extended for take off or landing, as the nose will be required to be high in such maneuvers. My guess is that as soon as the pilot retracts the flaps soon after takeoff, and the stall avoidance reengages, but the system is malfunctioning, will then try to point the nose of the aircraft down. The pilot can then disable the system, but being still close to the ground there is limited time for reaction. It has been reported today that other pilots have experienced this problem, but have fortunately been able to recover the aircraft.



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